Where is Koda Farms located?

In California, USA. The premier agricultural region of America, the Central Valley of California runs up and down the greater length of the state, generally bordered on the east  by the Sierra mountain ranges and on the west the coastal mountain ranges. Within the Central Valley, there are two regions commonly referred to as the Sacramento Valley (northern) and the San Joaquin Valley (southern). he geographical feature commonly thought to demarcate these two areas is the Sacramento Delta. The traditional stronghold of the California rice industry (rice has been farmed in California since the late 1880s) is based in the Sacramento Valley. Although, Keisaburo initially farmed in this area, he eventually ended up in the San Joaquin Valley when seeking to acquire land in the name of his two American-born sons. Today, we are the southernmost located farm in California, based in the southwest corner of Merced County. As it turns out, this isolation from the rest of the industry has served us well, resulting in our being insulated from the majority of common pests and challenges found north.

Are Heirloom Kokuho Rose and Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice available year-round?

YES. Initially upon its introduction, Koda Farms Kokuho Rose would sell out quickly every fall after its new harvest release. To avoid this situation we licensed our trademark to a third party, whom produces a descendant of our heirloom Kokuho Rose in northern CA in larger volumes. Today, we (Koda Farms) produce enough of our proprietary Heirloom Kokuho Rose to ensure year-round availability. However, our trademark licensee, Nomura and Co., still grows the secondary version and this version under their label is the predominant version seen across America. Our Koda Farms Heirloom Kokuho Rose, and for that matter, all our Koda Farms products are easily recognizable as our packaging predominantly features our house logo as seen below. (Sho-Chiku-Bai is available year round, as is our Blue Star Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour.)

Can I buy rice products at Koda Farms?

Yes. Please call us at 209.392.2191 in advance to confirm availability as we do not always have all products in stock. Our business hours are typically Monday through Friday, 8 – 11:55am and 1 – 4:55pm PST.

How many crops of rice are grown per year?

California's climate allows for the growing and harvesting of ONE crop per annum.

How much water is used to farm rice?

Water is not free and one of our single biggest expenses. Accordingly, we use it judiciously. Rice uses less water than typical alfalfa (as livestock fodder it is not an end product) and some stone fruits (especially those not employing drip irrigation). Another example, rice requires no more water than the average urban, decorative lawn… A not insignificant advantage is that the soil we farm our rice on is classified as "adobe" or "clay" (water tends to sit on top of this, i.e. low absorption).  The majority of our fields are GPS laser leveled which also contribute to efficient water usage.

How do you Care for the Environment?

We pursue farming practices that add vital wetlands to the San Joaquin Valley. Rice fields support the local ecosystem by providing living, feeding, and breeding habitat for an array of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Depending on available water, seasonal winter flooding provides vital food for migrating waterfowl with post-harvest rice tailings and new weed growth. Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy representatives both have visited to observe our farming practices and note our flat top, extra wide rice levees are positive habitat enhancement.

Who Owns the Kokuho Rose® trademark?

In continuous commercial use since 1962, Kokuho Rose® is the trademark and property of the Koda family businesses, which alone produce and the pure KR55 strain. Historically, this rice was once grown in very limited quantities.  As such, permission was granted to Nomura and Co., Inc., of Burlingame, CA, to utilize this trademark on their own hybridized version of Heirloom Kokuho Rose.

What is Koda Farms' relationship with Nomura and Co.?

Nomura and Co. is Koda Farms' main broker/distributor for the domestic (and limited global) distribution of our proprietary Koda Farms Heirloom Kokuho Rose as produced on our farm in the San Joaquin Valley. As a trademark licensee, Nomura and Co. also distribute their own hybridized version of Kokuho Rose they farm north of Sacramento. Koda Farms enjoys a longtime affiliation with the aforementioned. They can be contacted at telephone number 650-692-5457 for inquiries.