Date Codes and Storage Tips

Shelf Life

No "expiration" or "best by" dates appear on our products. Storage conditions and handling after leaving our farm can significantly impact quality. We opt for date codes representing manufacturing packaging details.

On Blue Star® Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour, you'll find a 4 element (number, letter, number, number) code subtly embossed on the top flap of individual boxes. On our whole grain or bulk flour bagged products the printed (as opposed to embossed) code may include additional letters or numbers, but only the first four are pertinent.

The 4 elements translate as following.

  • The first digit represents the year.
  • The second letter represents the month (F=Jan; G=Feb; H=March; J=April; K=May; M=Jun; N=July; Q=Aug; T=Sept; V=Oct; X=Nov; Z=Dec)
  • The last two digits represent specific day of the month.

Upon shipment from our farm, product is in perfect condition. Post departure, shelf-life may be adversely impacted by poor inventory storage and or rotation at the wholesale and retail levels.

Storage Tips

Our products easily have a shelf life of 6 months to a year if stored in a dry, cool area, away from direct sunlight. Double-bagged and stored in the refrigerator or freezer, products will last significantly longer. As for all grain products, whole kernel and flour alike, cold storage is extremely beneficial, retarding oxidation, stabilizing flavor and nutritional content, and similarly, discouraging potential bug infestation. Please note products are delicate in flavor and can be permeated by off odors from pungent material stored in close proximity.